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History of the company establishing and development

Joint Stock company "Monomakh" is a pioneer of the tea business in Ukraine. It was established in 1991. At the beginning of its activity the company imported the packaged tea from the origin countries under the brands of different producers. Gradually the company was redirected on the unpackaged raw materials import. The further processing and packaging is carried out at the company’s manufacturing and warehouse buildings located at urban village Velikaya Dymerka, Brovary district.

Since 1991 the company has advanced from distributor to the leading producer, which is known for its national tea brands (Monomakh, Tri slona (Three elephants), Fruits, Kaif). Over these years "Monomakh" formed an effective dealer network, built a modern factory and employed highly qualified staff. Since 2005 the company has been successfully mastering such a new business direction as a tea and coffee packaging under the own trade marks of the clients (Private Label). In 2011 we started the production of tea under the new premium brands "Lovare" and "Tea masterpieces."

Tea and coffee production

The tea-coffee production is mounted with the modern equipment which are able to produce about 500 tons of the finished products per month.

Our obligations on the products delivery are fulfilled with the own lorries of different carrying capacity.

The quality department which has the certificated tea-coffee production laboratory in its structure carries out the permanent monitoring of manufacturing and storage of products.

Chemical Analytical Laboratory Factory
Finished Goods Warehouse Raw Materials Warehouse
Tea Manufacturing Facility. Tea Bags Packing Coffee Manufacturing Facility
Loose Leaf Tea Packing
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