Pure tea

Ceylon black tea OPA
Tea "Ceylon black tea OPA" is used only selected sheet of black tea, which absorbed the heat of the sun to its homeland, the island of Ceylon. The taste of this sort of tea classical, slightly tart and aroma is elegant and refined.
Packing - 500 g, in the box -1.5 kg
Mountain of Ceylon
High-quality black tea "Mountain Ceylon", grown up on slopes of the island of Sri Lanka, will be a valuable addition for fans of classic and connoisseurs of traditional flavours. Optimal natural conditions, enough of the sun and the rainfall make easy tea tree in source perfect taste and aroma.
Packing - 500 g, in the box - 2 kg.
Exclusive Gun Powder

"Exclusive Gun Powder" is a classical Chinese green tea of the highest quality. All the leaves are rolled into pellets, which is slowly revealed when brewing, giving its unique taste and aroma of the drink. If You appreciate quality and You important classic taste of green tea, then "Exclusive Gun Powder" - exactly what You need!

Packing - 500 g, in the box - 3 kg
"King jasmine" with Jasmine
"King Jasmine" is a high-quality green tea, which is valued all over the world, enriched Jasmine flowers that gently emphasize classic taste and add a nice flavor of the drink, which is worthy to be named Royal.
Packing - 500 g, in the box - 2 kg.
Hibiscus (Sudanese rose)
Tea "Hibiscus" is a drink with a beautiful dark red color and pleasant sweet-sour taste. It is made from hibiscus petals - Sudanese rose. This tea has come to us from Egypt and became a favorite drink in many Ukrainian homes.
Packing - 500 g, in the box - 2,5 kg
Ceylon leaf black tea OP1
Refined taste loose leaf tea will leave You satisfied. This tea loved himself, the Prince Oransky, sitting in his castle in Burgundy (centre of France).
Packing - 500 g, in the box - 1,5 kg
Ceylon leaf black tea Pekoe

Ceylon tea is a drink a nice rich color with quite tart flavor. Ceylon Tea gives you cheerfulness throughout the day.

Packing - 500 g, in the box - 2 kg
Chinese green tea "Gun Powder"
The goals of the upper leaves of this tea are deployed with small pellets ("gunpowder")in which they are stranded. Young and juicy leaves will give Your tea, pleasant taste and delicate aroma.
Packing - 500 g, in the box - 3 kg
Green tea OPA
Brew a green Chinese tea in a transparent teapot. Don't grip the tea with press, don't limit it in a strainer. Just watch the unfolding of the tea leaves in the water. This drink was made from whole top tea leaves, young and rich, that give your tea pleasant taste and delicate flavor.
Packing - 500 g, in the box - 2 kg
Turquoise dragon
Turquoise Oolong gives strength and invigorates the body and spirit. It is Fresh and invigorating infusion is like a nectar, aftertaste of which is growing with every sip. It's a combination of taste, traditions and huge advantages of chinese tea!
Packing - 500 g, in the box - 2.5 kg