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Mixes based on herbal tea

Raspberry jam

This drink - the result of a combination of experimental and African plant known berry, which grows in Europe. This is a unique African sweet drink made from the leaves and twigs of rooibos bush with the addition of raspberries.

Ingredients: rooibos, raspberry pieces, natural raspberry flavor.
Packing - 500 g, in the box - 2 kg
If you want to be always cheerful and happy in spite of the heat, if you like green tea and drinks that include mint - you definitely need to try "Mojito". Due to the content of menthol mint gives a pleasant feeling of coldness, which like a magic spell will give you the courage that so we need.
Packing - 500 g, in the box - 2,5 kg
Alpine Meadow
Herbal tea "Alpine Meadow" based of alpine herbs will suit for those who like flavored drinks and prefer. This pure herbal tea with a pleasant aromatic taste bouquet does not only stimulates the immune system and enhance your health but is a good master to lift the mood.
Packing - 500 g, in the box - 1 kg
Royal dessert
Bring into your life bright colors and flavor of the tea "Royal Dessert" on the basis of Sudanese rose petals. Sweet-sour taste of Sudanese rose in harmony with the bright orange and a light note of sweet cherry taste makes this drink truly worth of the king's table.
Packing - 500 g, in the box - 2 kg