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Mixes based on green tea

Emperor's choice
"Emperor's choice" is not just tea. This blend based on green tea has an exquisite flavor the thanks to the flowers petals added into it. Aromas of cherries and almonds underline the richness and delicacy of the drink. If you are strong-willed and determined person then "Emperor's choice" is your choice!
Packing - 500 g, in the box - 2 kg
Cleopatra's Night
"Cleopatra's Night" tea can become your favorite drink. Petals of rose and safflower, marigold and cornflower organically combined with pieces of fruits, creating a unique composition. This drink is often chosen for evening tea drinking and it said that after it you can see amazing dreams. Maybe ... their are whispered by Cleopatra?
Packing - 500 g, in the box - 2 kg
Strawberry with cream
Summer is the best time of year for fans of fresh berries. Juicy strawberries and sweet soft cream are one of favorite flavors of summer. Invited the summer right now. It is not so difficult preparing the drink "Strawberry with cream" based on green tea.
Packing - 500 g, in the box - 3 kg
"Soursop" is a fascinating combination of green tea and delicate flavor that was given by nature. For those who understand the real bouquet of tea drink, for those who are looking for a taste. Green tea subtly accentuates soursop aroma and gives it a special freshness.
Packing - 500 g, in the box - 3 kg
Tales of a forest
Green tea "Tales of a forest" which includes tart rowan, fragrant strawberries and delicate cornflower has a pleasant aroma that allows us to be in a forest even in the busiest working day.
Packing - 500 g, in the box - 3 kg
Sheikh’s Treasury
We are pleased to offer you to enjoy the unique taste and aroma of green tea "Sheikh’s Treasury" which has the pleasant fruity-floral aroma. This is a real find for those who like thick oriental flavors.
Packing - 500 g, in the box - 2,5 kg
Oolong tea with goji berries
Goji berries, in combination with green tea is the secret of health and youth directly from Tibet! Only one sip of this tea and secrets of Tibet will touch Your soul.
Packing - 500 g, in the box - 2,5 kg