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English Tea Masterpieces

English # 1

Ceylon black leaf tea Pekoe with natural bergamot oil.

Bergamot was placed in Bergamo in Italy by crossing the orange and citron. Then bergamot oil began to be added to the tea. Wonderful Ceylon tea with exquisite aroma and hints of bergamot accented is perfect for tea parties at any time.

Packing - 500 g, in the box - 2 kg
High Mountain

Tea black leaf.

Unsurpassed taste of Ceylon tea became a supporter of the drink each. Grown in the mountainous part of the island of Sri Lanka on the generous soil saturated with humidity and wind fanned hot tea will appeal to all lovers of black tea.

Packing - 500 g, in the box - 2 kg
Earl Grey

Ceylon black tea leaf OP1 with bergamot flavor.

This famous tea like drink worldwide. The tea has a bright intense flavor. Natural bergamot oil soothe and relax you, restore energy, raise the level of intellectual functioning.

Packing - 500 g, in the box - 2 kg
Standard # 95

Tea green leaf.

Green tea - one of the oldest drinks known to mankind. In China, its history goes back over 5,000 years. Tea is grown on the fertile lands of the east of the country, corresponding to the Chinese standard of quality that is recognized worldwide.

Packing - 500 g, in the box - 2 kg
Golden Ceylon

Tea black leaf. Grade bouquet.

Intense aroma with slight acerbity traditional Ceylon tea will please everyone. Drink with gold sparkles in a transparent cup, quench your thirst and make the tea party a pleasant memory for a long time.

Packing - 500 g, in the box - 2 kg
English Аristocrat

Tea black large-special leaf.

A classic English tea room with centuries-old traditions of English tea ceremonies. This noble drink meets the highest standards of quality and taste in Europe.

Packing - 500 g, in the box - 1,5 kg